Thursday, December 13, 2012

FM Bells live @ The Hexagon 8/25/12

My first show posted here on the Minneapolis Live Blog is what I think might just be the very first ever performance by the full-band incarnation of FM Bells, previously a one-man multimedia blitzkrieg.  A pretty crazy show, we had no idea what to expect from our friend David Schmitz, formerly the frontman of Cities of The Plain and who is also a member of Kill The Runt and Wizard Baby and a bunch of other cool bands too.  What we got is what I guess I can only call hip-hop-influenced experimental psychedelic afro-pop soul but even that is not right.  Guitars, keys, drums, horns and an intricate stage setup involving Mylar.  

FM Bells are currently recording their debut with John Miller at The Vault.  Stay tuned for that.

FM Bells - Live at The Hexagon 8/25/12

1.  Shipbreaker Intro
2.  1 Be
3.  The Claim
4.  Jaunting About
5.  Bliss Crystals
6.  Banaka
7.  Dust and Water
8.  John Personson

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